Study to St.Anthony of the Desert Many years ago -in 1987- I had the chance to visit the monastry of St.Anthony of the Desert which is located in the Arabian Desert of Egypt. Approximately in 300 ac he lived there as an eremite around a small fountain which provided the necessary water. This fountain is still inside  the monastry walls and every visitor is allowed to drink from it, which I did as well.

Last year when seeing the Isenheimer Altar (in Colmar) by Matthias Grünewald I was all reminded and inspired to do this drawing on paper which I then coloured with watercolours.


Drypoint etching made according to original drawing (brushpen-ink) done on the spot in Iceland, north-east of Reykjavik


Posted by: trautemacom | August 14, 2012

Impressions from sunny summerly heated Ionian islands

Just back from real summer with opportunities for learning by doing and doing while learning, of course in my favourite occupation paintings, the pictures below speak a language of their own:

    I begin with Dafni Beach on island Zakynthos, sea turtles nesting paradise, followed by the view which I had from my open-air atelier workplace, working at

some 40 degrees real summer temperatures under a huge tree!, heating up ‘smokers’ psychicals’, finding hunters’ led and plastic wastes, and moving thoughts about previous times are expressed in these 4 major works in acrylics on canvas.

          The beauty of the island itself as shown on the photos below is absolutely convincing and inviting to stay…….


Posted by: trautemacom | May 23, 2012

long time no c..

and what do I find??? nothing but challenges…

          and     LIGHT upside-down, water colours on Guardi torchon 275g/m2, 2012:

it is anticipated that this coming autumn we shall have the strongest

Northern lights since 50 years, hence this inspiration

Posted by: trautemacom | January 23, 2012

Bilder des Lichts – Licht-Bilder – Light – Lumière

  Auszüge aus meinem kleinen Reise-Skizzenbüchlein



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Reise zum Licht… Travel to the light…

die düstere Ecke des Jahresendes/Neujahrbeginns erlaubt uns, besondere Lichteffekte zu entdecken..

late December to early January give us the chance to view very special light effects..

effets de lumière en fin d’année/naissance du nouvel an..


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THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING: Finissage Traute Macom – ..abstracts


am/on:   20.NOVEMBER 2011 at 1900 hours

Ort/place: Kirche am Wege, Biedermanngasse 13, A-1120 Wien Hetzendorf




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recent portrait-caricature seminar in Waldviertel

…with results showing caricatures of Christopher Walken

Posted by: trautemacom | June 17, 2011

Mondfinsternis 15 June 2011

diese Stimmungen der Mystik erlebte ich in meiner näheren Umgebung am Neusiedlersee…

erleben Sie’s mit!!!!!!!!!!!


dazu meine ‘Spirits of Nyctalopia on 15 June 2011’, Aquarell auf Guardi articstico torchon 275g/m2

gemalt bei ‘Nacht und (ohne) Nebel’ vor Ort

Nichts leuchtet blauer am Feldrand als die Kornblume

Nichts leuchtet stärker als die Mohnblume

Beide läuten für mich den Sommer ein             

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